What to do and avoid while selling

Forbes.com compiled a list with about 10 things that sales people must do and 10 things that they shouldn’t do.

What you shouldn’t do:

  1. Never have poor telephone or in-person etiquette,
  2. Never jump to conclusions or mind read,
  3. Never be negative,
  4. Never discuss anything inappropriate,
  5. Never claim to know the answer to something when you don’t,
  6. Never rely on the phone as your sole source of prospecting,
  7. Never ask stupid questions,
  8. Never be defensive,
  9. Never get too comfortable,
  10. Never wing it.

What you should do:

  1.  Always target your prospects,
  2. Always prepare,
  3. Always ask questions,
  4. Always listen,
  5. Always bring value,
  6. Always be focused on solutions,
  7. Always put yourself in your prospects shoes,
  8. Always be honest,
  9. Always ask for what you want,
  10. Always follow up.

Click here for the full article written by Jacquely Smith.