We could see an 8K full-frame Panasonic Lumix in 2020

Panasonic has already announced it's developing two new full-frame cameras to launch early next year, but we could also see a 8K specified full-frame camera from Panasonic in 2020 if the rumors are to be believed. 

Rumor site L-Rumors.com spotted an interview with Panasonic France manager Mathilde Lécuyer, where she shared some pretty interesting info.

The interview was originally conducted by French website Mizuwari, so some of it might have got lost in translation, but here are the highlights. 

Panasonic has had overcome the physical limitations of Micro Four Thirds by moving to full-frame sensors. In fact, Panasonic was thinking about going full-frame some eight years ago because 8K video on Micro Four Thirds is complicated, if not impossible to achieve. To that end, "Panasonic will keep the promise and announce an 8K full-frame camera by 2020". To be honest, we this is the first we've heard of such a camera. 

Still space for Micro Four Thirds

However, while Panasonic is looking to produce a new range of full-frame mirrorless cameras, it doesn't mean that existing Micro Four Thirds users will be forgotten, with Lécuyer stating that the company will continue to release both Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses.

We'll bring you more as soon as we have it.

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