The best Target Black Friday deals 2017

Target Black Friday deals for 2017 will make it online in the US weeks before the official shopping day, which may lead you to think the retailer has some of the worst sales because everyone else has time to adjust their prices accordingly.

You'd be wrong, at least in some cases, though. Target consistently has some of the best Black Friday deals around, particularly when it comes to the iPhone, 4K TVs, and video games. Plus, Target typically offers plenty of sales weeks before Black Friday even begins, giving you lots more time to save. You'll find all of its deals on its dedicated Target Black Friday sales page.

During Black Friday 2016, Target was one of the only retailers offering a discount for the Apple TV, which means it could be the store to visit if you want to get your hands on the new Apple TV 4K at a cheaper price this year. Target also had great sales for the iPhone 7, iPad Pro 9.7 and the Apple Watch 1 last year, so there's a good chance it will offer a discount on products like the iPhone X, iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Watch 3.

Target's Black Friday store hours last year actually began at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day, and it's likely to open before the official Black Friday 2017 date of November 24 as well. Don't feel like rushing the door? Target also makes a great destination for Black Friday online sales as it offers free shipping on all orders regardless of size. 

If you're excitedly waiting for the Target Black Friday ad, which will likely arrive in early November, and want to know what deals to expect at Target during the holiday shopping season, keep reading for everything we know so far about Black Friday at the mega retailer. Plus, we've Target bargains you can take advantage of right now.

Target Black Friday deals quick links

  • Target Top Deals homepage
  • Target Weekly Ad homepage
  • Target Black Friday page

Target Black Friday ad leaks 

We're still a ways out from the expected Target Black Friday ad leak, which typically happens around November 8.

That's not long to wait, however, and it will certainly be worthwhile as the Target Black Friday 2017 catalog will give us a detailed look at all the sales shoppers will be able to take advantage of. We'll update this space as soon as the Target Black Friday ad becomes available. 

Target deals before Black Friday

Like many of its competitors, Target offers lots of ways to save throughout the year. You'll find all of Target's best deals listed in two places: the Target Weekly Ad and the Top Deals page. 

We suggest checking these pages often as deals are always coming and going. It's certainly a worthwhile endeavor as you can save up to $50 on smartwatches and find significant discounts on TVs, to name a few. 

Here are some of the best deals available at Target right now: 

Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch (Wi-Fi) for $449.99 (was $599.99) This is the same astounding price Target sold the iPad Pro for last year on Black Friday proper, and now you can pick it up for $150 off this very second. That's a savings of 25%.

LG 4K Ultra HD TV is $449.99 (regularly $549.99) If you're ready for the 4K revolution to begin at your home with a bang, you'd do well to pick up this huge display from LG. And at $100 off the normal retail price of $550, it's a huge bargain. 

Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch for $299.99 (was $349.99) In our review of the Samsung Gear S3, we called it "the best smartwatch for your Android phone." We also called it "brilliant," and we're pretty sure that picking it up for $50 off the regular retail price is a brilliant idea as well.  

Garmin Vívosmart 3 for $119.99 (list price of $139.99) Garmin's little fitness tracker looks simple, but it's packed with features such as rep counters, automatic activity tracking and smart notifications. Pick it up for $20 off the regular retail price. 

Expected Target Black Friday deals 

Target usually stands out on Black Friday for its impressive deals on Apple products, like the iPhone and iPad, as well as TVs and video game consoles. 

There's little reason to expect Target will dramatically shake up its sales formula for Black Friday 2017, and we expect great deals to be found on the Xbox One X, 4KTVs, iPhone X and much more.

Xbox One X and PS4 Target Black Friday deals: During last year's Black Friday, Target had fantastic deals for the Xbox One S and PS4,  which means we'll likely see impressively priced bundles on Black Friday 2017 for the new PS4 Pro and the highly anticipated Xbox One X. The Xbox One X release date is November 7, which means there could be deals aplenty on Black Friday to keep excitement for the new console rolling. Target knows games and consoles are hugely popular purchases during the holidays, and it won't disappoint with its top-notch deals. 

iPhone Target Black Friday deals: Target technically gave away the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus during Black Friday last year, as you could get them for free and get a $250 Target gift card so long as you signed up for a plan through Target. It's possible we'll see a similar steal … we mean, deal … this year for the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and even the iPhone X. 

Apple Watch and iPad Target Black Friday deals: Expect great prices on both the Apple Watch and iPad at Target on Black Friday. Last year's $199 for an iPad mini 2 was the lowest price we've ever seen for an iPad, and even the 9.7-inch iPad Pro saw a massive price cut. There's a good chance 2017 will see knockout prices for the newest iPad models and the Apple Watch 3.

Apple TV Target Black Friday deals: Apple recently updated the Apple TV to support 4K resolution, and considering that Target knocked 25% off the entire Apple TV line last year when practically no one else was discounting the set-top box, Target may end up being the best place to pick up the latest model on Black Friday.

4K and HD TV Black Friday Target deals: Target's deals for 4KTVs weren't as impressive as its Apple and video game discounts last year, but there were still some great deals on the table. If you're already saving a load of money on a new 4K Apple TV at Target, it might be a good idea to swing by and pick up a 4KTV from the likes of LG, Samsung and Vizio to match.

More Target Black Friday deals to come

Target doesn't just specialize in electronics, of course, so there will be a lot of other products on sale throughout the week of Black Friday 2017. 

That wide variety of inventory, which includes appliances, home goods, and personal care products, also means we'll see some super deals that go far beyond what we've listed here. It's all a matter of checking Target's Black Friday page to see all the sales on offer.

One last thing: because Target's Black Friday event technically begins on Thanksgiving Day, that's usually the best day to drop in and nab all the discounted items. At 6pm, it's late in the day, so you might not feel too bad about skipping out on the family in order to take advantage of a bargain you may not see for a year. 

If you're obligated to play a few rounds of Scrabble and miss the best Black Friday deals, there's always Cyber Monday to look forward to.

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