The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pre-order deals in the US

Update: The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals in the US are available today, as the new phone is up for pre-order with some incentives. We've added the necessary links below. 

There are deals on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, believe it or not, but you're still going to have to pay a lot of money to pre-order this phone in the US.

Both Samsung and American carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint will be bundling this smartphone with a 6.3-inch 'Infinity Display' with extra gadgets.

It eases the pain of having to pay either $929 all at once for the unlocked Note 8, or anywhere from $30 (with a downpayment) to $40 (without) with a carrier. 

  • Quick link: Here's the best Note 8 pre-order deal (free Gear 360)

You won't find a real Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price drop for a few months, outside of maybe Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and those are have terms and conditions like Buy One Get One Free, phone trade-ins or new active lines.

What are the current best Note 8 prices and bundles? We've listed the ones we found for launch day and will keep it updated as we approach September 15 release date. 

Note 8 with a free Gear 360 camera

Our favorite Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deal is the one that comes with the free Samsung Gear 360 camera. It takes 360-degree videos and photos and syncs with your brand new smartphone via Bluetooth.

This is a limited promotional offer if you order the phone today and it lasts until 30 days after Note 8 pre-orders begin. So that's August 24 to September 24.

How much do you save? $229, as that's the full retail price of the Samsung Gear 360 camera. Not too shabby for a phone that just came out and a 360 camera that's only six months old.

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Note 8 with a free 128GB microSD card, wireless charger

Maybe you won't ever capture 360 video, or maybe you already have a Gear 360 camera. That's okay, there's another Note 8 deal dubbed "the Galaxy Foundation kit."

It comes with a Samsung 128GB EVO+ memory card and Fast Wireless Charging Convertible, according to Samsung, and it retails for $189.98. Not as valuable, but essential if you use up a lot of internal storage space and battery life.

Like the Note 8 deal with the Gear 360, this promotional offer spans from August 24 to September 24. 

Both bundles come with two months of Samsung Premium care. The Note 8 ships on September 15 and these deals expire nine days after that.

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