The best Nokia 3 deals and prices in October 2017

In terms of headlines, the release of the rebooted Nokia 3310 has dominated 2017 for the Finnish phone company. But if you're on the hunt for a budget mobile and won't have your head turned by feelings of nostalgia (or by Snake!) then the Nokia 3 should be on your shortlist.

With prices starting at less than £150 outright, the Nokia 3 would make a good mobile phone deal if you want something cheap to shove in your bag in case of emergencies or as a first phone for your child. Its limited camera and processor are understandable at the price, but the Nokia 3 is way cheaper than the manufacturer's more premium Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 yet still solidly built and very easy to use – it runs off pure Android 7 Nougat, without the faff of custom skins or pre-loaded bloatware.

Sound good? Then take a look at our price comparison tables below. There's one for contract deals and a second that will tell you where to bag the cheapest price on a SIM free handset. And if you want a bit more information about the budget Nokia 3, then scroll to the bottom of the page for the specs and a potted review.

SIM free Nokia 3 prices

Arguably, the Nokia 3 was never really intended for a long term contract. Even if you go for the cheapest plan, you'll end up paying in excess of £350 over two years for a phone worth less than £150. So buying it outright and combining it with one of our best SIM only deals makes much better financial sense.

You can grab a standalone SIM card for as little as £4 a month. Check out tour price comparison table below to get the best price on your new Nokia 3.

Considering the price, the Nokia 3 is surprisingly stylish. We love the way that it runs from the stock Android 7 interface, making it an absolute doddle to use. Ok, so it's wanting in the power department, but at this price you can't really expect too much more. Read TechRadar's expert Nokia 3 review for more.

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