The best Moto X Style deals on Cyber Monday 2016

It’s not all about the brand new mobile phone deals around Black Friday in November. There are some serious discounts to be had on some of the older phones like the Moto X Style. 

Motorola’s latest flagship handset has been around for a while now, but it still offers some real high-end spec at a jaw dropping price. If you want a 20MP camera and 2K display, you no longer have to pay top dollar for it. 

We loved the Moto X Style and it’s especially great as you can design your own using the online Moto Maker. Buying it from a network means you don’t get to choose the design though, but it’s still a great looking phone even when not customised. 

If you’re looking for it on a UK network contract, here’s our selection of the best deals you can get today.

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Moto X Style

Techradar’s Moto X Style review highlights:

We liked

The pure Android operating system is free of bloat, and simple to use, allowing you to customise your Moto X Style experience to your taste without another manufacturer’s interface getting in the way.

It looks great on the bright, vibrant QHD display which is great for movies and gaming, while the front facing speakers direct sound right into your face.

Performance is also strong, with swift app load times and fluid navigation and while the camera app was a little fiddly the Moto X Style can take some great snaps.

We disliked

There’s not getting around the size and weight of the Moto X Style, it’s both big and heavy and for many it won’t be a good fit.

If you’re looking for a big screened smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ offers the same size and resolution display is a more compact body, although the Moto X Style has price on its side.

We were also disappointed with the battery life on the Moto X Style, and we’re surprised Motorola wasn’t able to squeeze in a bigger power pack. We didn’t manage to get more than a day from the handset with moderate use – and at times it was dying before we plugged it in at night.


The Motorola Moto X Style is a great smartphone and we thoroughly enjoyed using it during the review period.

It’s not a handset with universal appeal, for those looking for a big screen flagship at a decent price the X Style is an excellent option.

We wish the battery life was better, but it’s not hugely different to other 2015 flagship phones on the market so it’s almost acceptable.

Are there better phones than the Moto X Style on the market? Absolutely. Can any of those rival it in terms of price? Absolutely not. It’s the perfect phablet for those on more of a budget, and you don’t have to sacrifice performance or core features.

First reviewed: October 2015

Moto X Style deals

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