New HP Omen X gaming laptop wants to win with eSports players

HP wants to win with competitive gamers, or eSports players, with its line of Omen PC gaming products. The firm’s biggest salvo yet in that direction is the latest HP Omen X gaming laptop.

Shown off during Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany, the new 17-inch Omen X is – totally unsurprisingly – HP’s most powerful gaming laptop to date.

And, for $2,299 (about £1,791, AU$2,905) when it goes on sale this November, it dang well better be. But, as we mentioned before, the laptop is aimed directly at eSports players, who historically don’t require the most absolutely powerful rig, but rather one tuned for their craft.

The HP Omen X laptop offers plenty of lighting.

Honed to an edge

HP has smartly outfitted the new Omen X with the capacity for RAM as fast as 2,800MHz and graphics as strong as Nvidia GTX 1080, with 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor options.

As for the crucial display element, HP will have both 120Hz, 1080p – the eSports standard – and straight 4K resolution options for the 17-inch panel. Better yet, every display option comes with G-Sync technology to reduce screen tearing.

PCIe SSDs available in various RAID configurations are also on offer, keeping up the speed as well. Meanwhile, keeping the whole operation from blowing up is a cooling system consisting of safe overclocking options paired with high-performance fans with an integrated vapor chamber connected to 3.5mm heat pipes. (Though, the latter is for models packing either K-series Intel processors or Nvidia GTX 1080 GPUs.)

The Omen Command Center app by HP lets players customize the performance of this hardware with those safe overclocking options as well network bandwidth priority tools.

Rounding out the package are an RGB-backlit keyboard with 2.5mm of key travel and mechanical switches, an easy-access panel to core components for simpler upgrades as well as two Thunderbolt 3 ports and HDMI 2.0a with HDR support, and a lot more.

Stay tuned for our full review of the Omen X later this autumn.

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  • Gamescom is Europe's largest annual gaming event, stuffed full of the latest and greatest games, consoles, and gaming hardware. TechRadar is reporting live from Cologne to bring you the very latest from the show floor. Head to our dedicated Gamescom 2017 hub to see all the latest news, along with TechRadar's world-class analysis and buying advice about the next year in gaming

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IFA 2017: what to expect at the massive tech show in Berlin

UPDATE: It's looking highly likely that we are set to get a new Samsung wearable at IFA 2017 but it won't be the Samsung Gear S3. Instead, it looks like the Gear Fit 2 Pro will land. We have leaked details about its price – just head to the Samsung section for more.

We're now a mere week away from the European tech extravaganza that is IFA 2017. As the event draws closer, the tech community is starting to collectively pack its bags and strap on its boots to head off to Berlin. We're easily identifiable at airports by the smart speakers bulging from our bags, the bottles of pilsners in our hands, and the rumbling of our bellies in time to the distant drumbeat of hot tech gadgetry. Or possibly the delicious curywurst sausages. 

There was a time when CES Las Vegas was the go-to event for consumer tech, while IFA specialized in home appliances and white goods. Over the last few years, however, IFA has expanded and it's now a serious competitor to its American counterpart. 

Sure, you’ll still get more than your fair share of connected fridge freezers and robot vacuum cleaners, but you’ll also not be able to swing an iPhone without hitting a piece of high-end audio gear, laptop, TV, or brand new phone that will call to your wallet like a mermaid on the rocks.

As ever, TechRadar will be trawling the show floor, foregoing a healthy lunch and natural sunlight to bring you the best that IFA 2017 has to offer. But while you wait for the show to kickoff, read on for our hopes, predictions and expectations on what's set to take the show by storm.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Europe's annual technology blowout
  • When is it? Officially, IFA is open to the public from September 1 to 6, but press (like TechRadar) have access a few days earlier
  • What's on show? Everything from Wi-Fi fridges to smartphones, giant companies like Samsung to first-time start-ups

Samsung at IFA 2017

IFA 2016 was all about the smartwatches for Samsung, but it's looking likely the company will take a bit of a different tact at this year's conference.

Keen to shake the explosive image of its embattled Note line, Samsung is likely to use IFA 2017 to showcase an all new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Likely getting revealed a few days prior to the show's official opening, IFA 2017 will most probably be the first opportunity for anyone outside of the Samsung dev team to get some quality time with the big-screen device.

Though tablets are less of a concern for the company these days, there's a good chance Samsung may put out a slate to compliment this year's Galaxy Tab S3, while the Gear 4 smartwatch making an appearance would continue Samsung's tradition for displaying wearables at IFA.

And then, of course, there's the smart home. Samsung's been touting its 'Smart Things' ecosystem for years now, but with the explosion in voice-activated speakers and affordable Internet of Things devices, it's a steadily growing area. With the white goods interaction the connected home offers, IFA 2017 will be the perfect stage for Samsung to show off some more of its efforts in the space. As for TVs, Samsung's already shown off its 2017 range, so don't expect any massive announcements like the unveiling of its Quantum Dot technology, but it may still find room for a 2018 TV tech tease, or a mad, never-to-be-affordable concept screen.

Samsung announced its Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker over a year ago, but rumors suggest instead of a Gear Fit 3 we'll instead see the release of a Gear Fit 2 Pro very soon. Price-wise, it's been leaked that it will cost $199.99 (about £160, AU$250) and, for that, you will get waterproofing and offline access to Spotify straight from the device.

Sony at IFA 2017

Sony always puts on a good show at IFA, holding back a few flagship announcements for the autumn showcase along with some concept devices to set the mind wandering into the far-flung crazy tech future.

We're fully expecting Sony to continue with its traditional 6-month flagship phone cycle, meaning IFA could be a good platform at which to launch the rumored Xperia X2.

Android tablets don't really make the headlines anymore, but Sony's slick, slim waterproof models are still among the best to sport the Google OS. We'd love to see another make an appearance. Likewise, Sony doesn't seem as keen on smartwatches anymore, but new TVs, headphones, speakers and even some camera equipment are all safe bets for the show floor.

LG at IFA 2017

If the rumormill is to be believed we are going to be seeing the LG V30 for the first time at IFA 2017. This would be a big departure from form for LG, given that a 'V' series phone has never been revealed at IFA before. Last year LG hosted a separate event in San Francisco at the same time as IFA to launch the V20.

We are expecting the V30 to carry on with the two-screen tradition of the V series up until this point. Following in the footsteps of a lot of the flagships of the moment we are expecting it to be bezel-less and have two cameras on the back.

Huawei at IFA 2017

Huawei loves IFA. The Chinese brand has used the Berlin stage to go from cash-rich smartphone upstart to… cash-rich genuine mobile player.

It'll continue its rise towards the smartphone elite this year, with the company likely to show off its Mate 10 phablet and mid-range Nova additions at this year's event.

Huawei also often uses IFA to waggle its wearable-adorned wrists, so expect an update to the Huawei Watch line, and iPad Pro bothering MediaPad tablets.

Philips at IFA 2017

IFA is always a good show for Philips. With one foot in the living room with its TVs and… several other feet in other rooms of the house with its connected tech line-up, there's always a diverse array of products on display from Philips.

The company has already hinted at a sparkling new connected toothbrush product, but its connected lighting Hue equipment always gets a nod. In addition to this, its Fidelio speakers could get an Alexa-enabled smart injection, and its TP Vision-powered screens are likely to get their annual refresh too. Its Ambilux UHD TV from a couple of years back was a showstopper – here's hoping they've something similarly mad this year.

The rest

There are hundreds of exhibitors at IFA 2017 – the above are just those that have given the biggest hints at what to expect from their labs at this year's show. We'll keep this page updated with all the biggest leaks and news in the run up to the show, but here's the five-second rundown on some of the other major players in the industry yet to show their hands.

Acer: Having launched an insane curved screen Predator 21X gaming laptop at IFA 2016, expect similarly-mad gaming focused hardware, making use of Nvidia Max Q tech at this year's show.

Alienware / Dell: Gaming all the way here – 4K screens and Max Q internals will again take top billing.

AMD: Ryzen 3 is unlikely to make an appearance at IFA 2017, but AMD's having a good run at the moment against its GPU rival Nvidia, so expect to see some gaming gear with AMD internals garner praise.

Asus: Zenfone Android devices will likely make an appearance, but rarely bother than Android top-dogs. What's always fun though is the ASUS gaming gear – Republic of Gaming desktops, monitors and pixel pushing laptops will be the most exciting items on show from Asus.

HTC: With phones taking a back seat at recent show's for HTC (with the exception of the 'A' line), virtual reality gear is likely to be HTC's show focus if it makes an appearance. Given that HTC is making two different standalone headsets, one with Google, and one on its own platform there is a (admittedly slim) possibility that we could get our first glimpse at IFA. Unlikely, but we can dream.

Harman Kardon (JBL/ AKG):  The audio giants always hit IFA hard, with everything from luxury headphones to Bluetooth speakers and smart audio gear on offer from each of the three brands. Given that its Cortana-powered speaker Invoke is due to go on sale in autumn, we would be surprised if we don't see the Alexa competitor here.

Intel: With Kaby Lake out in the wild, expect to see plenty of laptops, convertibles and desktops running Intel's speedy and power-efficient processing tech.

Nokia: Hot on the heels of its Nokia 3310 revival, Nokia (as a phone company) is on a relative high. While it's not yet given away any IFA 2017 plans, it'd be the perfect time to show off its rumored Nokia 9 Android flagship.

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