Get ready for the HTC Vive – pre-orders open on February 29

Get ready for the HTC Vive - pre-orders open on February 29

We’ve barely had time to get over the excitement of pre-orders opening for the Oculus Rift and the next virtual reality headset of note is joining the party.

HTC will open pre-orders for the Vive on February 29, according to chief executive Cher Wang who confirmed the date to The Telegraph.

Orders start shipping in April, which we already knew, but the price is still a secret. The question is whether it will undercut the $599/£499/AU$649 you can get the Oculus Rift for?

The other big player launching this year, the PlayStation VR, is rumoured to be costing a massive $800 (roughly £550/AU$1,140).

Virtually ready

If you’re wondering what the differences are between these VR headsets, the answer is not all that much. Software and content may well be two of the biggest differentiators, as will the other kit you need to run it. PlayStation VR runs with Sony’s console, while the Rift and Vive need a pretty heavy duty gaming PC to power their apps and games.

Those ready to join the early VR adopters can order their HTC Vive direct from the manufacturer very soon, and HTC is promising the final design and price will be revealed before pre-orders go live.

At CES last week we also got a glimpse of Pre, the latest developer version of the Vive.

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The iPhone 5E may be the iPhone 6C we’ve all been waiting for

The iPhone 5E may be the iPhone 6C we've all been waiting for

We’re hearing all kinds of reports about what Apple has planned iPhone-wise for 2016, from disappearing headphone sockets to a budget replacement for the venerable iPhone 5C.

Now a report from Chinese site MyDrivers suggests the Cupertino company is working on a new iPhone 5E model – that’s ‘e’ for ‘enhanced’ by the way. It would effectively be an upgraded iPhone 5S.

The handset is tipped to feature an older A8 processor, 1GB of RAM and a compact 4-inch screen, making it very much one for those with less money to spend, as well as smaller hands. 16GB and 64GB storage options are rumoured to be in the pipeline.

Predictive texts

If MyDrivers is right, the phone will come with slightly curved glass (as on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models), as well as support for Apple Pay. A price point of around $500 (£345/AU$710) has been mooted.

Is this the same phone as the iPhone 6C? Or something else entirely? Some industry pundits are expecting an Apple event in March at which the second-tier iPhone will be launched alongside the Apple Watch 2.

MyDrivers isn’t the most reliable of sources as far as iPhone rumours and leaks are concerned, so don’t buy any iPhone 5E cases just yet. But it’s interesting to speculate on what Apple might be planning as it looks to refresh the cheaper end of the iPhone line-up.

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