Smart speaker showdown: get two Echo Dot or Google Home Mini speakers for £59

The Google Home Mini prices and Amazon Echo Dot deals went to war late last year to earn a place under as many Christmas trees as possible. And they're at it again!

When one goes on sale, the other isn't far behind, which is fantastic news for buyers. Today's deal sees both of these excellent smart speakers offer bundles that will save you £40 when buying a pair. So instead of paying £49.99 for just the one, you can get two for just £59. The Home Mini deal expires today, so we imagine the Amazon one isn't far behind it too.

Getting two smart speakers for such a low price is an excellent chance to make your home that little bit smarter. As well as the smart assistant being able to answer random questions you throw at it via voice commands, you can also sync them with smart lighting, Ring doorbells, thermostats and more. Check out our other deal pages below for some ideas to get you going.

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