Save £20 on a Google Home Mini smart speaker deal today

There's no need to deprive your burgeoning smart home until the Christmas deals season as you'll find the Google Home Mini price drops down from its £49 RRP numerous times throughout the year.

And there's an excellent deal today as you can get a Google Home Mini for just £29 at John Lewis, saving £20 on last week's price. Google is keen to push its most popular and super affordable smart speaker at a cheaper price often enough, but you can almost guarantee it'll match any price drop on Amazon's rival device, the Echo Dot. And seeing as Amazon's Alexa-enabled smart speaker is on offer for £29.99, it's no surprise to see Google cheekily join the deals dance off.

Google Home Mini deal of the week

John Lewis has both the chalk grey and anthracite black models in stock at this price. If you'd prefer the coral orange version it's on offer for the same price at Argos, albeit without the two-year guarantee.

The Google Home Mini voice-activated smart speaker offers fantastic value even at the £49 RRP, so we're all over the £29 offer. You can use the Home Mini to ask Google anything you can think of and the enormously powerful Google search-engine will usually come up with an answer that's read back for you. Footy scores, the weather, language translations, Spotify playback, the news, add things to your shopping list, set reminders, see how many grams are in a 'cup' measurement – anything really.

Pair the speaker with other smart home tech though and you can really get things going. Got some smart lighting like Philips Hue bulbs? You can ask Google to turn them on, dim them or even change the colour. Smart plugs are an increasingly popular pairing too as you can effectively make any electrical item smarter by adding a voice command to power it on. 

We've covered the bigger and screen-enabled members of Google's smart speaker family too in our full Google Home deals and prices guide. Check out our roundup of the best cheap smart home device deals too for more items to pair with your new smart speakers.

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