Nintendo Switch Price: how much will it cost?

Update: UK retailer GameSeek has listed the Nintendo Switch on its site with a low low pre-order price of £198.50 and it's applying a price guarantee, which appears to confirm the previous price rumors that we've seen. 

We finally know Nintendo Switch's price, and we know when we're going to get it. 

The Nintendo Switch it coming March 3, 2017 and its going to retail for $299.99 or £280, depending on which country you live in. If you live elsewhere in Europe, however, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima says you'll need to ask your specific retailer about the cost.

Nintendo Switch price in the UK?

We now know how much the Switch will cost in the UK: £280. That's a bit higher than it costs in the US, but it's not absolutely unreasonable for a console.

So how much will an extra controller set you back? Switch Pro controllers are expected to sell for £39.99.  

Nintendo is apparently planning for pricing to be “close to direct conversion price comparable across regions” as part of its push to make the console region free which allows us to estimate what the launch prices could be elsewhere. 

So when can you pre-order the system? That's still TBD. Nintendo is taking pre-orders in Japan starting on January 21, but the rest of the world will just have to wait.

Nintendo Switch price in the US?

If the report from LetsPlayVideoGames proves to be accurate, this means we can estimate that the console is likely to launch in the US for $249.99 and $299.99 – the latter, it turns out be true.

Wondering about accessories? Here's the prices we've received so far.

Nintendo Switch price in Australia?

Rumors so far have suggested that the Australian pricing for the Switch could range from $390 all the way up to $560.

We were praying it wouldn’t go anywhere near as high as $560, fortunately the direct conversion price from the UK pricing leak suggests that the console is likely to cost around $330 or $415 depending on which SKU you choose to go for. 

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