New evidence suggests Samsung Gear S4 will run Wear OS after all

The story of the Samsung Gear S4 has been getting complicated in the last few weeks – we've heard rumors the next Samsung watch will be called the Galaxy Watch and run Google's Wear OS software, and then we've seen counter rumors that said this is false.

Now we've seen new evidence that the next watch from the company will tote Google's Wear OS software and that it may be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

This latest report comes from trusted Twitter leaker Ice Universe, who said the watch is set to come with Google's latest software and a 470mAh battery inside.

We would expect Samsung to use the upcoming new Qualcomm Wear chipset that has yet to be officially announced, but it may use the older chipset instead if the watch is revealed before the new chip's announcement.

Galaxy Watch after all?

The report also says it will have a new UX interaction too, but it doesn't offer any insight into how that would actually work. Samsung watches usually have a rotatable bezel, so it may be the company has found a way to change how that works.

The tweet ends saying the watch will have blood pressure measurement tools, but we don't know how accurate that will be or how this will actually work on a day-to-day basis.

One report claims Samsung is planning to announce its next watch at IFA 2018, which takes place from August 31, so we may see it launch just before the show officially kicks off, as big launches tend to happen in the days before.

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