Latest Galaxy S7 secrets come straight from a Samsung employee

Latest Galaxy S7 secrets come straight from a Samsung employee

Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are coming in thick and fast as we approach the rumoured February announcement of the new flagship phone – and the latest comes from an unexpected source.

A South Korean report cites a Samsung employee as the main information giver. It claims the Galaxy S7 will have a black chassis for a more premium feel, and that the camera will focus on its ability to take good low-light condition shots.

The Galaxy S7 is rumoured to feature a 12MP rear camera with f/1.7 aperture to keep the images looking light and fresh.

The Galaxy S6 had a higher megapixel count at 16MP, but Samsung has reportedly made some lens improvements on the S7, such as using a new sensor, so claims the leak.

Other rumours suggest it will be water- and dust-resistant, but the employee didn’t make it clear to what IP level. It will also come with a microSD card slot, but it’s not certain whether this will be restricted to 128GB.

Sprung a leak

Colour-wise, your options will be black, white, silver and gold. The same source also pegs the phone on an early March release date.

While all of this sounds great, there’s no way of confirming the source is definitely an employee of Samsung, so we have to take this information with a big pinch of salt. That said, everything does seem to align with what else we’ve heard.

GSMArena has also published two camera shots supposedly taken directly from the Galaxy S7 production line.

Although neither reveal any specific specs, the photos do appear to show the developer version of the phone, and suggest production is in full swing.

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