Health at Hand app brings video based telemedicine to the UAE

If you’re sick of waiting rooms and find it hard to schedule a doctor’s appointment around your busy day then the newly launched Health at Hand app might be for you. 

The Dubai based telehealth company aims to provide an on-demand health care service via an app that connects patients to licensed doctors with just a few taps. You’ll need to go through a brief sign up process and give credit card details before a consult. 

If you have prior medical history the app allows you to upload that information to your profile where you can also view your call history and previous consultation reports.

Consultations can last around 15 minutes, or longer if needed, at the end of which, patients are provided with a doctor’s report and list of medications that can be presented to a pharmacy. This is not an official e-prescription so if you’re in need of controlled medicine you’ll have to obtain a proper prescription by visiting a doctor at a clinic or hospital.

It won't let you skip school or work

You can’t get sick certificates for work or school at the moment but Health at Hand is working with DHA towards providing that facility as well as medical forms for visa purposes.

Subscriptions are available on an annual, monthly and pay as you go basis with the cheapest plan starting at AED 21 per month for individuals (AED 250 annual plan). Monthly plans cost AED 35 for individuals and AED 60 for families (two adults and three kids). You can also opt to per video consult which will set you back AED 100 per consult. 

All doctors on the app are UAE based, DHA licensed and vetted by Health at Hand. The app itself is regulated by DHA and meets HIPAA standards. Currently you can only consult General Physicians with no word on availability of specialised doctors later on. 

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