Forget about owning a house and blow $900,000 on this loudspeaker instead

When you think of 'excess' you mind probably jumps to private islands, palaces, and supercars with a top speed several times higher than they'll ever be driven at. 

But this £700,000 (around $900,000, AU$1,100,000) loudspeaker is on another level entirely. 

Produced my Wilson Audio as a result of a 35-year quest to make 'the most realistic-sounding loudspeaker on the planet' the Wilson Audio Modular Monitor consists of a pair of two meter high speakers contains nine driver units. 

Beyond excessive

In addition, each loudspeaker has rear-firing drive units to 'enhance spatial retrieval', whatever that means. 

We've also got no idea what the 'X-material', 'S-material' and 'W-material' composites are that constitute the speakers' enclosures, but Wilson Audio promises that they deliver 'absolute' vibration resistance. 

It's not just the price of these speakers that's restrictive. Only 70 pairs of the speaker will ever be produced, and each pair are expected to take 10 weeks to build. 

So if you've always thought that ever owning your own house was a bit overrated, then why not spend the same amount of money on a pair of loudspeakers instead. 

What's the worst that could happen?

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