Volcano seen from space looks like the entrance to hell – CNET

A NASA satellite snapped a dramatic image of a Russian volcano spitting out an ash plume while surrounded by clouds.

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Nintendo’s Super NES Classic trailer oozes 1991 – CNET

Now you’re playing with super power.

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Galaxy Note 8 launch: Watch it live here Wednesday, 8 a.m. PT – CNET

Samsung will soon launch the Galaxy Note 8 on Wednesday. Watch the livestream here on CNET.

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MIT’s Robogami lets you build custom 3D-printable robots from standard, folding parts

 Flat-pack furniture made Ikea a global powerhouse, and the same principles may help create a new generation of robots. Interactive Robogami is a project from MIT that lets users create ambulatory robots from a library of pieces that fold and fit together like origami. Read More

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Your DJI Spark drone won’t fly next month unless you get the latest update

Heads up, DJI Spark owners: you need to install the latest firmware update when it releases this week, or your flying machine will be grounded come September 1.

The good news is that the update brings a batch of improvements to the portable drone, including enhanced safety features.

The improvements include a boost to the battery management system for optimal power usage while in flight, support for full integration with the DJI Goggles and, when using the hand-gesture controlled PalmLaunch function, increased stability after takeoff. 

There's also improved control accuracy when in QuickShot Dronie mode and a compatibility upgrade for the remote controller when it syncs with new firmware updates (go figure).

Take a dronie!

The slightly less palatable news is that should Spark owners fail to update the firmware on either their drone or the battery by the first of next month, their drone won't be cleared for takeoff. In other words, it's not flying anywhere. 

DJI said in a blog post it decided to keep Spark drones that don't get the mandatory update from launching to "maximize flight safety and product reliability which we consider top priorities."

You'll get an alert when the firmware is ready through the DJI GO 4 app, but note you'll need an internet connection to install the firmware to the drone and battery. Another option is to install the firmware through the DJI Assistant 2 desktop software.

  • Some days, you just can't fly a drone

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