Cloud development platform shuts down

ide-ft-1, an online development environment and IDE, today announced that it is shutting down its service on November 14. The service is now closed for new signups and the team says it will refund any payments made after October 16. Nitrous’ existing users will be able to download their existing data soon. The team says that it will also soon release an open-source version of its… Read More

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Here are the emojis coming with iOS 10.2, including an astronaut emoji 🎉

Emoji Apple dropped the first beta for iOS 10.2 today. And it comes with the latest update in emoji innovation. You may have noticed that Apple already redesigned most of the core emojis and added new gender and race options with iOS 10. But the company didn’t stop there. With iOS 10.2, Apple is adding full Unicode 9.0 support. Given that hundreds of millions of people use Apple-flavored… Read More

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When President Obama leaves office, his @Potus tweets leave with him

president obama coding When President Obama turns over the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he’ll also handing over a number of high profile social media accounts. Eight days ahead of the election, the White House is outlining how the transfer of social power will go when the commander-in-chief steps aside early next year. The President’s Twitter account, for one, will be getting a fresh start of… Read More

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Intellectual property strategies for startups

man-powered vehicle patent, 1939 Intellectual property protection is an important consideration for most startups. Obtaining intellectual property protection, such as patents, can minimize competition and act as a defensive mechanism against infringement claims from others. Intellectual property also can attract or solidify funding and partnerships. Read More

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Didn’t get your Google Pixel yet? You may be getting a freebie

Bad news: Some of you might be getting your Google Pixel phone late.

Good news: Google may reward you for your trouble!

After receiving high praise from critics – ourselves included –  it appears that Google is having a hard time keeping up with preorders of its brand-new flagship phone.

This has resulted in Google sending out emails to some customers saying that it “may take a little longer” for them to get their Pixel. 

To make good, the company also intends to credit affected customers $50 in Google Play Store credit once their phone finally arrives as a token of appreciation.

While Google’s emails don’t specify by how much its delayed shipment will miss the delivery window, some customers on Reddit have claimed their phone will only be a few days off the original mark.

Patient Pixels

Given that a little extra waiting could result in $50’s worth of apps, movies, music, or YouTube Red, Google’s handout seems like a pretty good deal. 

That said, it’s still not clear exactly how long the average customer will have to wait or who qualifies for the credits, as some users claim they’re still waiting on their credits after their Pixel arrived a couple of days late.

Google has stated that demand for the Pixel has exceeded expectations, resulting in the company working to resupply its wares as soon as possible.

At the time of writing, the larger 5.5-inch display Pixel XL is also selling fast – so much so that it’s currently out of stock in the Google Store and putting interested customers on a waitlist.

We have reached out to Google to learn more about the effect of the reported delays, and will update this story as it develops.

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