Tech Valuations In 2016: The End Of The Line For Sloppy Growth

pink fungi growth What’s going on in technology investing right now? Is this another 2001, when tech imploded? Another 2008, when the wider world crashed but tech powered through? Or is it like Facebook in 2012, a valuation blip and a chance to buy? Anecdotes about dead unicorns are not enough. An explanation has to start with a framework and a qualitative description of what is driving the markets… Read More

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Watch this kid become the world’s first droneboarder

Watch this kid become the world's first droneboarder

Enterprising Russian YouTuber Valplushka has filmed what could well be the very first example of droneboarding: pulling someone along on a snowboard with nothing but drone power.

Admittedly, we’re going to need more powerful drones for this to take off seriously – the little lad involved in the stunt is barely moving – but it’s still a brilliant idea for getting more from your Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

YouTube :

The creator of the video says "it’s just an idea" that’s not to be taken seriously (or at least that’s what Google Translate says) but we think there’s plenty of future potential here.

From superfast 5G networks to aerial photography to door-to-door deliveries, drones are only just beginning to show what they’re capable of. And now you can add winter sports to that list.

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Transcending Borders Through Technology

Tallinn, Estonia at night As is clear from the front pages of newspapers recently, we are living in a world where open democratic values are under attack. Paris, Bamako, San Bernardino, Jakarta and Ouagadougou have all been targeted by terrorists. At the same time, we are in the midst of a technological revolution that is reshaping our society. The Internet of Things is driving a whole new way for businesses to… Read More

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Startup Step-By-Step: Raising

IMG_5766 I’m taking a last look around the room. It’s five in the morning and the black car is idling outside. The driver has already called me and I quietly whispered that I was coming down. My wife, my long-limbed and tangled in sheets, is asleep. In the small light on my bedside table I see her settle into the warm place where I just was and I wish I could lie back down to sleep.… Read More

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Digital Transformation Requires Total Organizational Commitment

Cartoon of many on couch at psychologist's office with caption:  Wherever you turn, businesses are facing tremendous disruptive pressure. What’s interesting is that the theory about how firms should be dealing with this massive change is itself in flux, transforming if you will, as organizations come to grips with the idea that the most basic ways they do business are being called into question. Just over a year ago when I researched this topic,… Read More

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